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Capture Time

You will want to read Capture Time again and again. These 365 thought provoking devotions will challenge you to focus on life's greatest priority---walking with God. Most of us are so busy today that we seldom stop and take time to listen to what is going on inside of us. Lee Iacocca said, "If you want to make good use of your time, you've got to know what's most important and then give it all you've got." Capture Time will remind you of what is important and encourage you to put first things first in your life. Don't miss life's best by being preoccupied with that which is good. Life is like a taxi, the meter just keeps a ticking whether you are getting somewhere or just standing still (Lou Erickson). You are going to love Pastor Dan's unique In-Turpin-Tations for daily life.



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Miracle On 14th Street

When Dan Turpin was just a teenager he dreamed of becoming a motorcycle gang member because he wanted to roam and be free. In his search for freedom and purpose he found himself addicted to a lifestyle that was self-destructive. One eventful night in the early seventies, while under the influence of LSD Dan had an experience with Jesus Christ that changed him forever.


You will be challenged as you read, “The Miracle On 14th Street,” and become motivated to pray and receive from the One whose power is greater than any need you will ever encounter.

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Principles of Prayer

The focus and central theme of Principles of Prayer is on the greatest priority of life – your relationship with God. This book will challenge you to seek the “presence” of God – not just the “presents” of God, and motivate you to pray in faith to the One whose power is greater than any need you will ever encounter. Rees Howells, a great man of faith, believed there was only one reason to petition the Lord. He said, “The only purpose of prayer – answer.”

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Just A Thought

When you look upon my face to learn the time of day; think how my shadow keeps its pace as your life flies away. Take mortal, this advice from me, and so resolve to spend your life on earth that heaven shall be your home when time shall end. (Sundial Inscription)

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In-Turpin-Tation Of Revelation

This In-Turpin-Tation of Revelation Study Guide is a good tool that will help you learn how to put the pieces of this complex puzzle together.


What Albert Einstein said is true, “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.”

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